Moving On

How do we know when it’s over? In our lives, there will be times when we will have to move on and leave someone or something behind. It could be a friend we don’t get along with anymore or a job which is not right for us. Nonetheless, it is never an easy decision to move on because it is bound to bring some degree of change in our lives.

The uncertainty that comes with a change can be unnerving. No matter how tough that job was, it was a big part of our lives and quitting it won’t be easy. What if we are throwing our future away? What if we peaked already and this was the summit? What if everything takes a turn for the worse once we quit?┬áBut didn’t we feel the need to move on because somewhere, we were not satisfied? Maybe, instead of resisting change, we could embrace it and all the uncertainty that comes along with it? Isn’t that why we’re here – to keep moving on?

Talking about moving on, we should also spare a thought about what we leave behind. I think we should try and rid ourselves of any bitterness we may have about our past. That job we hated ended up teaching us much more than we think. We emerged stronger and smarter individuals and gained invaluable life experience from it. Our past is what made us who we are today.

There is no doubt in my mind that the decision to move on will always be a tough one. There is no tried and tested way to do it and there will always be some questions. But I feel that it’s okay to not have all the answers right away. I think uncertainty is what can lead us to endless opportunity. The unknown may hold something bigger and better than we had imagined. We can try and remind ourselves of this before we take the leap. Who knows where we’ll land?


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